The Ladies Auxiliary memberships run based on the calendar year.  You may join at anytime. If you want to join the Ladies Auxiliary as a High Point Member, to be eligible to show in the ETWHA Ladies Auxiliary Class and your points to count, please do so before the show season starts. After the show season starts it will be seven days to be able to show in the ETWHA Ladies Auxiliary class. We welcome all Ladies to come and have some fun with an awesome group of Ladies.                      Membership forms available below.

Associate Membership
Our Associate Members enjoy the benefits of membership; are recognized at any event; participate in any Ladies Auxiliary activities.  
Associate membership dues are $15 annually. 

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High Point Membership
Our High Point Members enjoy all of the same benefits as Associate Members but compete with the other ladies for year end awards based on a point system.  Ladies must be a high point member of East Tennessee Walking Horse Association to be eligible to compete.    High point membership dues are $50 annually. 

  • To be eligible for ladies’ Auxiliary high point award the member must work at least 5 volunteer hours at an event hosted by the ladies or get at least $300 in sponsorships.

All events will have a volunteer sheet to sign.

  • ONLY paid High Point Ladies Auxiliary member can show in the ETWHA Ladies Auxiliary line class at an affiliated show. Associate or non-members are not allowed to show in the ETWHA Ladies Auxiliary class.
  • Pleasure and Performance High Point classes ( at ETWHA affiliated shows) recognized by the ETWHA Ladies Auxiliary for the Rider of the Year Awards include all amateur and open Pleasure and Performance classes. The ETWHA Ladies Auxiliary Line Class award is given to the Rider of the Year in that class only.

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